The Witchling

The Witchling

The follow-up to my best-selling novel, ‘The Saddling’, is now available on Kindle, in paperback and free on Kindle Unlimited.

“The sins of our ancestors have committed us to the flames.”

The WitchlingSaddling is cursed and dying. The village will be lost unless someone burns at the stake on solstice morning. Six months after the life-changing events of The Saddling, Tom Carey must solve the witchling mystery and risk his life to save his lover.

Mystery and action combine in a sweltering thriller set on the Romney Marshes.


Praise for The Saddling
“Superbly descriptive.”
“Gripping from the start.”
“Full of intrigue and danger.”

The WitchlingThe Witchling is a follow-on from ‘The Saddling.’ You don’t need to read The Saddling first, but you will get more from The Witchling if you do.

‘The Saddling’ took the water element, sacrifice and winter solstice as its background. ‘The Witchling’ takes the fire element, acceptance and summer solstice. The main characters return, you will meet new ones, but is William Blacklocks really dead? That’s just one of the mysteries to be solved as the story hits the parched ground running and doesn’t let up until the fire-pile is lit. The question is, who will burn to save Saddling?

Buy The Witchling here. If Youv’e not read The Saddling, it’s best to start with that one.

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