The Cyprus International Film Festival

My news at the moment is that the film I co-wrote, ‘The 13th’ on which is based my novel, ‘The Judas Inheritance has been selected for The Cyprus International Film Festival which opens next week. I am going to the festival for its first weekend, leaving home next Thursday to arrive in Cyprus on Friday, see the screening on Saturday and perhaps introduce it, and then returning to Rhodes on Monday and home on Tuesday. The film already has six laurels, each one representing an acceptance to a festival, or an award at a festival, so we are all very pleased about that.

My other news is that my novel, ‘The Saddling’ has taken off and already has nine five-star reviews on Amazon. I have started on the next one in the series, ‘The Witching’ while, at the same time, working on a short novella in the ‘Remotely’ series. So, a mystery thriller in one hand and a comedy in the other; I just hope I don’t get them mixed up. I also hope I have enough time to write them both. Saddling took me several years to complete, from original idea to finished book, but as ‘The Witchling’ is set in the same place, I already have many of the characters and the settings, plus more of an understanding of the dialect. So, hopefully, those components will flow smoothly; I just have to figure out the plot details and write in the words.

The Saddling

One of the problems I have now is that more people are investigating my earlier novels and, to be honest, they are not as good as the last four. One of the reasons for this is that they were self-published before I found an editor, so could do with tidying up. Another problem is that they were not professionally laid out and I can’t afford to have the edited and laid out by someone else, so, do I delete the older ones from my lists? Or do I leave them as they are until I have time to re-edit and re-design the interiors? It’s a dilemma, and one I am still debating with myself.

Meanwhile, I have some travelling to do and lots of writing to do, two of the reasons my blog here is not as up to date as my daily day-to-day blog which you might also like to read. You can find Symi Dream here.

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