Here is a quick outline of my most recent, published novels.

The full list can be found on my James Collins Amazon author page

The Saddling

the saddlingA Gothic mystery-thriller set in the landscape of the Romney Marshes, Kent.

“To inherit his aunt’s fortune, Tom Carey must unlock a one-hundred-year-old family mystery. The solution lies on the Romney Marshes where the village of Saddling lives by an ancient Lore. Unknown to Tom, the villagers set in motion a chain of calculated events that will ensure that the winter solstice will witness their last ever ‘Saddling’ festival.”

Link: Due for publication in April 2017, the link will be published then


RemotelyThis gay/straight body-swap comedy pokes fun at British reality television.

“Britain’s newest and most pointless TV talent competition is coming to Middlestone-On-Sea. ‘So You Think We’re Remotely Interested?’ has taken Friday night viewers by storm as it streams live variety shows from remote, provincial theatres across Britain. The theatre with the most audience votes wins regeneration and revival, and lord knows, Middlestone-on-Sea needs both.”

Link: Remotely paperback and Kindle

Lonely House

lonely houseA horror story with a twist

“Drover and Pete are two hopeful drifters looking for a better life. Desperate for food, they break into an isolated house deep in a forest. There they accidentally shoot an old man just as the rest of his family arrive for a birthday gathering. Under intense suspicion from the family, the boys attempt to cover up the accident. But they are not the only ones keeping a murderous secret. Mistrust and deception unearth a primeval ritual as the lies give way to a terrifying truth.

Link: Lonely House paperback and Kindle

The Judas Inheritance

the judas inheritance
Symi Greece Simi

A horror/thriller set on a Greek island (from my film script, filmed as ‘The 13th)

“An ancient curse? Desperation in the economic crisis? What is causing the suicides of so many adults and children on this small Greek island? When Chris Trelawney arrives on the island to take away his late father’s belongings, he finds that he has been left little more than a mystery. Was his father mad at the time of his death, or did he actually believe that he had awakened a powerful evil? An ancient evil that now stalks the islanders, growing stronger by the day. A curse that will cause the death of everyone around Chris unless he allows himself to believe that such things exist. But when he discovers the truth, Chris realises that death is the easy option.”

Link: The Judas Inheritance paperback and Kindle