It’s been a while since I have put up a post on this blog. If you want to follow my day to day life, bookmark my island blog, www.symidream.com

Here’s the catch-up on my news.

One of the reasons I’ve not had much time to blog here is that I have been writing. I have just finished the first draft of a follow up to The Saddling, and I am in the process of preparing Honestly for Kindle publication. Honestly is a Miss P novella. If you have read Remotely, then you will have met Miss P, the slightly magical, timeless protagonist who does a couple of unusual things. She is sent by unseen higher powers to places where there is a problem. She identifies the issue and places a cigar-smoke-based spell on those who need to sort this problem out. In Remotely it was the feud between two ex-best friends, and she swapped their bodies, so they learned what it was like to be each other and that leads to… Well, you should read it. In Honestly there is an issue of writer’s block. Having sorted out William Shakespeare’s writer’s block, she finds herself in a small fishing village where an incoming family have not been made welcome. This is set in the present day. So, she places a spell that makes the villagers speak honestly to each other until the situation is resolved.

RemotelyI am hoping the book will be ready within a couple of weeks. It’s a 24,000-word novella and, like Remotely, is fun and a bit bawdy.

By the way, my fabulous cover artist at Red Raven Book Design has redone the Remotely cover and is working on the Honestly cover. The new Remotely cover will be there when Honestly goes on sale.

The Witchling
Meanwhile, my first draft of The Witchling is complete. This is the follow up to The Saddling, and you’re advised to read Saddling before Witchling. This title won’t be out for several months yet, probably next year. The first draft took me four weeks, it was a bit of an outpouring of story and needs lots of work, but at least it’s out of my system now that I have told myself the story. I now need to improve it by 100%, and I will do that when I have the next book published, and that is…

Symi, Stuff & Nonsense
This is going to be my fourth book about living on Symi, in Greece. It will contain some writing about Symi and life here, plus some other travel stuff (stories from previous travel adventures of mine) and some nonsense (mainly observations of daily life, meaning of words and other… well, nonsense.) I am aiming to have that ready for November 2017 in time for Christmas gift buying.

The 13th
Meanwhile… The film I wrote, ‘The 13th‘, is going through the rounds of film festivals and has picked up 14 or 15 laurels now. These are awards for best actors, editors, music, etc. I attended part of the Cyprus International Film Festival where ‘The 13th‘ was being shown, and had a great time there. The Greek premiere of the film will be here on Symi this coming Monday (24th July) in front of the mayor and islanders.

That’s the news for now, but just a reminder: please remember to leave reviews of my books on Amazon if you can, and if that’s where you bought it from. They are very helpful to me as they are to all authors.

Thank you and there will be more posts here when I have more news.

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