Girl Gone Greek

Girl Gone Greek Wins Best Screenplay

You may remember that Rebecca wrote the book, Girl Gone Greek about her experiences of moving to Greece as a teacher of English…

Girl Gone Greek
Girl Gone Greek

Last year, she commissioned me to write a screenplay version of the book for her, which I did in close collaboration. That script was entered into the competition by Rebecca, who is what’s known as the property owner (Hollywood/film term). I went to the LGFF website to check out who had won what and discovered that we had one the ‘Best Screenplay’ in their Odysseus screenwriting awards. Obviously, I told her the news and then went to celebrate.


We’re waiting to hear when the festival will hold its award ceremony in Athens, as they hold one in London in May, and another later, for those from Greece who couldn’t make it. I can see another overnight on the Blue Star coming up (any excuse). Meanwhile, if you’ve not read the book, you can find it on your country’s Amazon, or by clicking this link to Girl Gone Greek.

So, congratulations to Rebecca. Let’s hope that this causes further interest in the project. It has already received a special mention at a film festival awards in Los Angeles, so you never know…

Rebecca’s travel blog can be found here: Life Beyond Borders



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